PVD cutter for UZ29 SPEEDER

PVD cutter for UZ29 SPEEDER

  • The cutter is designed for UZ29 SPEEDER
  • The cutter can be re-sharped
  • Suitable for tougher materials
Expected life and the recommended care for the tool:
Tools intended for machining by rotary shear are designed for materials with the maximum strength of Rm up to 600 MPa / 87.022 PSI.
Upon the compliance with all conditions specified in the instruction manual, the tool life may be up to 4.000 m / 13.123 ft and more.

Reallisticaly the life is about 2.000 – 3.000 m / 6.561 – 9.842 ft. A tool life is unfluenced by several factors:

Material and its preparation
As already mentioned i tis necessary to adhere to the maximum strength of the machined material.
When bevelling materials with higher than allowable strength the tool life rapidly decreases, but there is also a risk of the destruction of the tool or damaging the drive unit.

The tool life can also be affected by the proparation of the material before machining. If the material at your workshop is cut by burning, you shoud clean the edges intended for bevelling by angle grinder.
When burning, especially when plasma burning, edges of the material might be little bit hardened.
This can have a significant impact on the ultimate tool life.

Care for tool
Also the maintenance of the tool and especially the care for the tool has significant influence on the life of the tool.
During bevelling, it is important to check sharpness of the tool on a regular basis and if it is blund, it is necessary to sharpen it immediately.
If you continue to work with a blunt tool chipping or destruction of the tool might occur.

Working procedure
Also the machining procedure is important. This is thoroughly described in the instruction manual. Generally, when implementing the maximum possible reductions (bevel edge width) machining must be divided into two cuts.
This whole issue is describec in detail in the machine user manual.
Type: Catalogue numbers:
PVD cutting tool
- suitable for tougher materials
PVD cutting tool
- suitable for tougher materials
- 2 + 1 free set