The beveler UZ 50 Triumph - very efficient, unique double sided beveling machine for steel, stainless steel, HARDOX, DOMEX and aluminium (max. width of bevel 62 mm)


  • automatic feeding, automatic feed speed adjustment with inverter, 0 -1,2m/min
  • high speed milling head with very resistant inserts, max. width of bevel 62mm/15°, 50mm/45°
  • 15-60° infinitely variable angle, without replacing any parts
  • material thickness 7 - 80 mm
  • the electric circuit is enclosed in a dust proof box and is equipped with all the safety devices necessary.
  • CE conformity declaration

  • unique MANIPULATOR 3D - manipulator provides a simple quick turn UZ50 Triumph of 180° to create double sided bevel X K. The operator does not need a crane to rotate the material. There is a significant saving of work time.
  • the unique clamping system allows the machine UZ 50 Triumph to be assembled and disassembled (Quick System) within a few seconds without using any tools
  • the beveler UZ 50 Triumph is "floating" on MANIPULATOR 3D and compensates the unevenness of the floor or the deformations of the steel plate.
  • MANIPULATOR 3D allows the easy manipulation with beveler
  • the required height of the machine can be set up by MANIPULATOR 3D by lift handle
  • the movement of the machine is provided by massive wheels mounted on the carriage
  • the possibility to bevel with MANIPULATOR 3D or without
  • the possibility to use the MANIPULATOR 3D like a stationary station

  • EQUIPMENT for bevelling small flat steel
  • Equipment is intended for use with the machine UZ50 TRIUMPH
  • With the equipment is machine UZ50 TRIUMPH possible use for processing small workpieces
  • The machine UZ50 TRIUMPH maintains a continuously adjust the bevel angle between 20°- 60°

Technical data:
Material specificationsfor bevelling carbon steel, stainless stell and aluminium
Thickness of materialfrom 7 to 80 mm
Minimum dimension of material200 x 100 x 7 mm, with equipment for bevelling small flat steel
Maximum dimension of materialunlimited
Engine milling headpower 4 000 W / 400 V / 3 phases / 50 Hz
Cutting speed182,92 m/min
Milling head85 mm with 5 inserts
Engine automatic feeding2 engine, power 120 W/ 400V /3 phases/50 Hz
automatic feed speed adjustment with inverter 0-1,2 m/min, adjustment depends on cutting conditions
Machine weight UZ50 TRIUMPH + MANIPULATOR 3D175kg

EQUIPMENT for bevelling small flat steel - Art. Nr. 1942
The table mounted on beveler in up side down position

Technical data:
  • Table size: 700 x 200 mm
  • Working height: 914mm
  • Weight (without machine): 30kg
  • Smallest possible size workpiece: 200 x 100 x 7 mm
  • Bevel angle α: 20°-60° infinitely variable

Active Smart Protection for your Triumph against overloading.

The System ASP actively measures the loading of your machine during continuous and demanding operation.The System ASP constantly monitors the working dimensions of the UZ50 machine, the condition of its cutting inserts, the loading of its drive engine and the overall settings of the machine.In the event that an operator uses the UZ50 incorrectly- the machine will say STOP!!!

How does it work?
Should the ASP system recognise overloading, it will immediately inform the machine operator by flashing two white pilot lamps on its remote control panel. This indicates that the operator has 20 seconds to correct the settings of the machine. After the 20 second period the system ASP will automatically switch off the UZ50 machine to prevent any mechanical damage to its parts.

Prior to use, we strongly recommend checking the accuracy of the machine's settings, the condition of the inserts and the suitability of the material to be machined.
Machine name:
400V – 3phase 480V – 3phase 220V – 3phase
Bevelling system UZ50 TRIUMPH
- including the 3D MANIPULATOR
1940 1952 1953
SET - Bevelling system UZ50 TRIUMPH + table for processing small pieces UZP30
- including the 3D MANIPULATOR
1941 1954 1957

Accessories: Art.Nr.
Cutting head ECO – 5 inserts 1946
Cutting inserts
- four-sided
- pack of 10 pcs
Cutting head PREMIUM – 9 inserts
- recommended when using UZP30!
Cutting inserts HARDOX
- four-sided
- pack of 10 pcs
Vertical guide plate adapted for bevelling HARDOX and other wear-resistant materials 1949
ASP active smart protection against overloading of the machine 1956
UZP30 additional table for processing small pieces 1942
Screw for the cutting inserts 1947
Mag Brush Maxx Large – magnetic sweeper equipped with wheels for collecting all magnetic materials – working width 450 mm / 17.71 in NMF0107